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8 - 11 August 2018

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Nkosinathi Maki aims to encourage up-and-coming hometown talent, writes Zamandulo Malonde

BIG PLANS: New Brighton’s Nkosinathi Maki plans to make the Mandela Bay Comedy Festival an annual event

ACOMEDIAN’S vision to invest in and develop his hometown’s comedy industry has resulted in the formation of the Mandela Bay three-day comedy festival.

New Brighton-born Nkosinathi Maki, 34, fell in love with comedy soon after relocating to Cape Town in search of greener pastures in 2011.

He has since made an impact on that city’s comedy scene in his own way.

“I [soon] started running my own shows in Cape Town which allowed comedians to start their own comedy careers,” Maki said.

Seeing that his Cape Town shows established award-winning comedians such as Yaaseen Barnes, Maki has decided to return to do the same at home.

“So I’m trying to activate the same thing I did in Cape Town and get it to work in PE,” he said.

Now based in Johannesburg, the comedian said he also hoped the festival would establish a relationship between Bay comedians and their Johannesburg counterparts to broaden their careers.

A well-formed relationship between up-and-coming comedians and their more experienced colleagues in the industry would gain up-and-coming comedians more recognition, Maki said.

His primary objective with the festival was to get the Bay’s comedy scene to grow and catch up with other cities, he said.

The three-day festival, to be held at the Boardwalk, will include a comedy competition in which the winner will receive a cash prize of R5 000 and a trip to perform in Cape Town for a week and Johannesburg for another week.

“With this competition I’m trying to expose the guys to the Jo’burg and Cape Town comedy scenes so they can get to perform at different comedy clubs in both cities,” he said.

Local and national acts to perform at the festival include Maki, Martin Evans, Tats Nkonzo, Eb Dibakwane and Many Manylaughs Msongelwa.

“People come to PE with no real interest in investing in PE talent, they bring comedians from other cities to come and open for them and that’s what I’m trying to stop.

“The Mandela Bay Comedy Festival is a developmental idea that focuses on growing PE talent,” Maki said, explaining how the festival differed from other comedy shows in Port Elizabeth.

Maki said he had plans to expand the festival to a week-long one to allow more comedians to hold their one-man shows and turn the event into an even bigger festival in different venues around the Bay.

The festival will be held at 8.30pm the Boardwalk Amphitheatre next Sunday December 17, at Bravo Bar on the Monday and at the Boardwalk Casino on Tuesday December 19.

The comedy competitions will be held on the same nights before the comedy shows from 6pm to 7.30pm at Dockside in the Port Elizabeth Harbour.

The competitions are open to everyone.

Candidates are required to prepare a five-minute-long item to perform.

E-mail for more information.

Tickets for the festival are R150, available at Computicket.

I’m trying to expose the guys to the Jo’burg and Cape Town comedy scenes so they can perform at different comedy clubs in both cities

A Brief history

Nathi Comedy has already created an annual comedy festival for the people of Port Elizabeth where it all began for him. December 2017 was the 1st one. The 2nd annual comedy fest will be taking place in August 2018 over 4 days.

We Have recently came back from the National Arts Festival where we have had sold out and had a standing ovation on both One man shows “Gluten Free 2016 and Schoolboy 2017”.

Nathi Comedy events are a very important part of the ecosystem of the South African comedy industry and his dedication to making sure that comedy is more accessible to young South Africans is a big reason why this comedy company has made a real impact on the Cape Town Comedy Circuit and now focused on the Nelson Mandela Bay.

The Mandela Bay Comedy Fest was a success.

Mandela Bay Comedy Festival 2018
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